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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 22:47:06 EDT
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in Ham Radio Deluxe, ( free but request you register to keep updates  
comming) they have a program call superblaster (SB) on it along with their 
program, set up pn psk 31, and hit SB and it will show up to 20 different psk  
convercsations in real time.  if you select one you go back the the normal  
psk31 and it carries all of that particular and info to the regular psk31  
 neat., also havs logging support, rig control packet and other  stuff.

use the  filters wide open

This lets me see everything from .0702 to  .0730

Some psk programs allow many of the signals to be monitored all  at once. I 
really like seeing multiple conversations all at  once.

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