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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 00:05:41 -0400
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I echo Catilyn.  I tried the JA big 3, every time the top of the lines;
someone loaned me a 544 Triton and I found the difference amazing.  The
only real on-line comparison was with a friend about 30 miles away with
a just-overhauled Super Yaesu who said my hearing a DX R-9 when he
couldn't hear him at all was a fluke and invited me to put the Triton on
an A-B switch with his Super-Yaesu.  I'll skip the details, but the
Super-Yaesu owner was more than a bit unhappy. A signal he could hear
but copy zero was loud and clear on that junky little T-T.  I've had
that same Triton plus two Omni D's for about 15+ years now with
excellent results.   As for T-T phone and ship to Tennessee service, I
couldn't ask for better.  Not that I haven't used Corsairs and Omni 6 -
both excellent, but my D is still a fine rig.  I'm nearly 100% CW.
Until having a T-T - with the JA's, that is - I kept using the Drake 2b
+ old Viking II for CW.  I liked the transceiver convenience, but the
JA's were so inferior on CW as to be almost useless.  The Triton and
Omni really worked on CW. 

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Subject: [TenTec] More than Orion (was: ORION, THE TERRIBLE 12)

--- CATFISHTWO@aol.com wrote:
> quite correct, I have been on the reflector for
> about 1 day, and  you would think the only thing Ten

> Tec ever made was the orion, and I know they made at

> least 1 other radio..

At least :)

Seriously, I've been mostly deleting everything.  I
don't have an Orion and even if money were no object
it's just not my kind of radio.  I like the small, the
at least somewhat portable, and, of course, QRP or
nearly so.

I'm a very happy Argonaut V owner.  I've previously
owned the Argo (556), Scout, Delta II, Argosy, 
Argonaut 509, and Triton IV.  I could see myself with
one of those again as a backup rig or a cool rig to
have.  I was tempted by the Argo with five modules Ten
Tec had at Dayton but the Argonaut V won out and I
couldn't afford both.  A 6N2 (526) is definitely in my
future plans.

Notice: no big radios in the list.

Ten Tec makes/made lots of cool products for almost
every taste.  It's certainly more than the Orion.


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