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[TenTec] FOR SALE: Ten Tec Paragon II. 705 Microphone

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Subject: [TenTec] FOR SALE: Ten Tec Paragon II. 705 Microphone
From: "David Barlow" <Davebarlow36@msn.com>
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Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 08:00:03 -0700
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For Sale: I have a Paragon II (the serial number is ( 08A10084 ) and a 705 Desk 
Microphone which is in like new condition. I am asking $1125.00 for the Paragon 
II and Microphone.  The Paragon II has the following optional filters. Model 
number 288....250 KHz, Model number 285....500 Hz, and the Model 282....250 Hz. 
I sent it to Ten Tec for any potential problems and updates.  Don Proudy said 
that the Paragon II was in excellent condition and checked out the same. I have 
the Ten Tec shipping carton and manual for the Paragon II. If you are 
interested you can email or call me. My telephone number is 760 256 3359 and my 
email address is Davebarlow36@msn.com<mailto:Davebarlow36@msn.com>           
If you want to see pictures of the above items you can see several pictures on 
my web site. which is  http://www.wa6cqj.com<http://www.wa6cqj.com/>      
Thank you
Dave Barlow / WA6CQJ
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