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Subject: [TenTec] Comparison -Ten Tec to Brand X
From: Clark Savage Turner <csturner@kcbx.net>
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Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 12:17:57 -0700
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Kenwood.  Yes, they regularly have someone lurking on their reflector 
that has good information and they share it with us.  Yes, I've had 
them send me free parts when I spoke to their engineers about a 
problem, and they occasionally do warranty work after the warranty 
expired on me.  This is my personal experience over the last 15 years 
of owning and operating some fine Kenwood gear.  (I will note the 
exception that about 15 years ago, Kenwood service in Cerritos had some 
management problems that resulted in a personal friend of mine being 
treated very badly...)

I appreciate the smiley face :-) but still, every once in a while, I 
like to mention that (at least for me), Ten Tec needs no defense and 
needs no comparison to the big three amateur radio manufacturers.  I 
find Ten Tec gear as the right tool depending on the job I have, and 
this does not depend on the failure of brand X radios.  I don't have to 
think they're awful in order to appreciate my Ten Tec rigs.

Just my two cents.

On Jun 4, 2005, at 10:29 AM, Billy Cox wrote:

>> From: "Paul Meier" <k7pm@ccwebster.net>
>> ...  I've yet to see mentioned on this drone sight this is the only
>> manufacture that you can call and talk to a tech that works on
>> that radio or even someone that even knows anything about
>> using the radio. Paul K7PM
> Gary Fiber (spelling?) with Icom used to be very active on the
> rec.radio forums or via the telephone helping folks use their gear
> and answer their questions. Icom also has shipped out parts N/C,
> just as TT is known to do on occassion over the years too.
> Now Kenwood ... well ... B-)

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