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Subject: Re: [TenTec] PSK31
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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 16:47:41 -0400
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I'll second Jerry's findings.....Ham Radio Deluxe on my Argo V is the best 
there is!!!!


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Subject: Re: [TenTec] PSK31

> I've been running PSK on Ten-Tec gear for about 18 months now and here
> are a couple thoughts:
> 1. I use Ham Radio Deluxe 3.2 which incorporates PSK Deluxe.... in my
> opinion just about the best PSK application for more serious PSK use.
> And it is free believe it or not. Everyone has there opinion here....
> but I have used about 8 different apps before I settled in on HRD.
> PSK Deluxe 31 has a Super Browser mode (other programs have it too NOW)
> which allows me to quickly see all the PSK traffic in the available
> bandwidth and then select an open spot OR an ongoing thread to join in on.
> I park my transceiver at 14.070 or 7.070 and then open up the receive
> bandwidth and read the traffic in Super Browser mode.
> My interface is home brew with large, easy to adjust level controls for
> audio in and out of the computer. I have pre-adjusted my Soundcard's
> Line Input mixer control to about 1/3 to 1/2 range which seems to give
> me the best compromise between S/N and potential distortion.  My audio
> comes from my transceiver's fixed level output and not the headphone jack.
> When I turn on PSK Deluxe 31 (or any Soundcard application for that
> matter) I adjust my interface's audio in level control so that the
> waterfall (spectrum display) has just a noticeable amount of broadband
> noise... just a trace amount. Because my interface is readily at hand I
> can adjust this up or down rather quickly should another station begin
> to capture the receive AGC bringing down the overall receive bandwidth
> gain. Very easy to do when necessary and allows me to minimize the
> 'garbage' my Soundcard has to sort through to decode what I want.
> If I see a station that I want to reply to and they are good copy and
> everyone else is playing nicely then I leave the receive bandwidth
> alone, click on the person I want to send to and then enter one of the
> comm mode channels and have a go at it.
> If the station I want is rather weak or another station is 'hogging'
> bandwidth and capturing the receive AGC then I use the 'Power of
> Ten-Tec'! I quickly change receive bandwidth's... ususally to 250 hz
> (isn't it nice that we can select a small receive bandwidth when in
> SSB?!!) and then quickly recenter the waterfall noise on the station I
> am interested in using the Pass Band Tuning control. Whaaaa Laaa!
> Maximum receiption condition for my station and the interfering
> station's impact is minimized. Now you can't do it this way and switch
> to sharper roofing filters as the PBT doesn't shift the roofing filter's
> passband center frequency. I do, when conditions warrant,  use the 1.8
> kHz roofing filter as it's paring down of the total receive bandwidth
> isn't too significant.
> The narrowing the bandpass and swishing the PBT control to receiver the
> desired PSK signal is a great way to pull out an otherwise marginal
> signal and make it a very good one. I used this approach to great effect
> last year on Field Day where I worked a ton of PSK stations from our
> club's portable location.
> Now, unfortunately not all manufacture's allow you to narrow up the
> receive bandwidth in SSB mode, but if your transceiver does allow it...
> Experiement!
> 73,
> Jerry, KG6TT
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