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Re: [TenTec] keying amp with OMNI-6+

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] keying amp with OMNI-6+
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Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 02:10:14 EDT
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if you have doubts invest in an ameritron  ( MFJ?) 704, its an relay  for 
solid state rigs that keys the linear, needs no ext power, and has alc if  you 
choose to use it. ( I don't) about $30 or so, and works on most all  rigs 
 tom N6AJR
Just wanted to solicit the list as to whether I will require  an
intermediate keying relay between my "new" Omni VI+ and a QRO  HF-2500DX
Amp manual states that the t/r relay should be capable of  switching 12v@
80 ma. The OMNI op's manual indicates its to be used to switch  low
voltage DC only but does not provide a current rating. Am I  risking
damaging the Linear Control Relay in the radio by not using a  isolation
relay? I'm a bit gun-shy from using other gear which utilize light  duty

Thanks es 73

Kirb,   VE6IV


The 'amp energizing relay' in the OMNI-6+ can  easily handle 12v@80ma.

73,   Roy    K6XK

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