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Re: [TenTec] Long mic cables for Studio 1 on boom

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Long mic cables for Studio 1 on boom
From: "Grant Youngman" <nq5t@comcast.net>
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Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 14:53:54 -0500
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>     You are exactly right.  For even asking the question, I 
> deserved a condescending response.  Thank you for jumping in 
> there and giving me one.

Thanks so much.  

It wasn't meant to be condescending.  But blaming someone else for a cable
(or lack of) that doesn't match your custom requirements is pretty silly. 

In another post, you will find I have provided information on a very high
quality cable that I have used successfully in many applications.  Goggle
it, and you will find quite a few sources.


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