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[TenTec] RE : Keying Amp with my new Omni VI+

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Subject: [TenTec] RE : Keying Amp with my new Omni VI+
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Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 22:29:49 -0600
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Assuming the QRO amp is QSK capable will this permit the safe use of the RELAY 
OUT on the OMNI in "semi break-in" mode (i.e: slow QSK). Theres no way I'm 
going to want to mess with manual PTT in a cw exchange.

Kirb,&nbsp; VE6IV

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>Subject : RE : [TenTec] Keying Amp with my new Omni VI+
>One point often missed or not understood is the QSK keying process when 
>using an amplifier. In the case of the Paragon series and the Omni series 
>the relay in the transceiver shouldn't be used to key the amp. Tentec uses 
>a "loop through" sequenced process for the QSK event timing.
>I'll try to explain:
>When the key is connected to the transceiver KEY jack on the rear and the 
>key is closed (line goes low) here's what happens. At this point the 
>transceiver RF section is not activated. The control signal goes to the TX 
>OUT jack (line goes low) which is connected to the KEY IN on the amp. This 
>line low keys the amp. The transceiver is still not activated. Once the 
>amp QSK circuit is activated the input and output relays have switched and 
>they have settled, then a signal is sent out of the KEY OUT jack (line goes 
>low) of the amp. This signal goes to the TX ENable jack on the transceiver. 
>This is the point that the transceiver is activated and produces RF to drive 
>the amp. This sequence thus prevents hot switching within the amp.
>If you elect to use the RELAY OUT on the transceiver to key the amp, you 
>have no way to prevent "hot switching" within the amp. The jumper is in 
>place between TX OUT and TX EN on the back of the transceiver. There is no 
>delay to allow the amp relay(s) to switch and settle. If your amp isn't a 
>QSK capable amp, then you're on your own. My suggestion is to use manual 
>PTT and not try to use QSK operation.
>Bob, K4TAX
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