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[TenTec] Experience using the Omni 6 with INRAD 765 CW filter(s)

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Subject: [TenTec] Experience using the Omni 6 with INRAD 765 CW filter(s)
From: "Chuck Guenther" <ni0c@earthlink.net>
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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 11:10:35 -0500
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Several people have asked me about this topic, so I thought I should share my 
experience on the reflectors.  Keep in mind I operate CW almost exclusively.  

I now have the "low pitch" CW roofing filter installed in the Omni 6/Opt. 1.  
This is the INRAD mod kit that uses the INRAD 765 filter (4-poles, 600 Hz 
bandwidth, centered for a 500 Hz pitch.  Readers of the reflectors may recall 
that this product was developed for CW operators with Omni 6/6+ who prefer to 
have a CW roofing filter matched to a lower pitch, compatible with the 
discontinued Ten Tec 221 9 MHz IF filter (six poles, 250 Hz, 500 Hz center).   

In summary, the 765 and 221 combo works great and I use both filters nearly 100 
percent of the time, followed by either a 400Hz or a 250 Hz BW INRAD filter in 
the 6.3 MHz IF.  If I need to use the noise blanker, I turn off the roofing 
filter.  My previous unsatisfactory experience (excessive attenuation) using 
the 221 filter with the 763 roofing filter can be explained by the mismatch in 
center frequencies of the 221 and 763.  With the new 765 filter, the insertion 
loss of the 221 is no longer excessive.  There is now enough gain to hear 
anything discernable in the background noise.

As an alternative arrangement to using the 221, I also tried a second 765 
filter in the 9 MHz IF slot.  Although this resulted in a few dB less insertion 
loss, the selectivity was not dramatic.  In fact, there was little discernable 
difference with either of the 765's switched out.  One filter switched in 
provided virtually the same selectivity (to my ear, at least) as both.  So I 
opted for the 221 in the 9 MHz IF slot.  If I had an Omni 6+ with two 9 MHz 
slots, I would use a 765 in one and the 221 in the other.

I realize that "works great" sounds pretty general, but I'm a very picky 
operator, and went through a lot of filters in order to arrive at an optimum 

Chuck  NI0C

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