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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 13:55:23 EDT
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>I've seen somewhere a reference to cutting out the TX/RX relay to make 
the changeover quieter, hopefully as quiet as my Argonaut II.

Can anybody shed a light on it and maybe let me know how to do it?




If the relay in the Omni V is similar to the one in my Paragon, and I'd bet 
on it, you can use the method I used, as suggested by another reader to this 

Gently pry off the relay cover (I used a flat-blade screwdriver under one 
edge) and insert a cardboard paper match between the relay contacts.  Cut the 
head off the match first (duh!).  :o)

Works like a champ, and is easily reversible.  No "permanent" changes to 
circuitry required.  You may want to make a note in your manual, however, to 
remind you to reverse it in the event you want to use the relay in the future.

Ahhh!  Quiet QSK.

73, Jim K5HO

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