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Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 12:35:39 -0400
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Check out the Nov/Dec 04 issue of QEX (from ARRL). There is an article 
about converting ATX supplies to amateur use, but the article includes a 
descripton of the original design and many of the "cost saving" 
redesigns that have happened by removing  "unnecessary parts" such as 
RFI suppression. It may provide enough info so that you can get your 
supply back to the original ATX configuration, which may solve your RFI 

GL & 73, Joel, W1ZR

George K wrote:

>I just purchased a barebones computer with a 450 watt PS. It renders my 75 
>meter activities with my Orion useless. I had to put my AGI 300 watt PS in 
>this computer that proved to be RFI quiet. But, now the poor 300 watt PS gives 
>up the ghost after 1/2 hour of use. No hits on "AGI" in Google. By the way, 
>the 300W PS weighs twice as much as the 450W PS!
>Can anyone direct me to a RFI friendly ATX computer supply of 450 watts or 
>greater that will allow me to enjoy 75/80 meters again???
>A search on the large online computer stores makes no mention of RFI quiet 
>George W2YJ@ARRL.net 
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