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Re: [TenTec] Orion NR on SSB

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion NR on SSB
From: "Byron J. Watts" <bjw@byron.com>
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Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 19:22:59 -0500
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On that note i do feel like i have to note something.  I do not own a 
heil mic, but i do own an omni d with an added timewave 59+ dsp box.  
with the dsp turned on i definately notice the HC-4's cut through 
better, any mic with a good sharp high end cuts right through and the 
dsp works.  If i'm listening to a muffled audio signal, cutting in the 
DSP will usually kill it.  DSP seems to have its place when the 
objective is not to ragchew but to get through ;)

73 all! de KC0NPF

Grant Youngman wrote:

>>         Don't blame me. :-)  See #2 (and #3) below:
>You're right -- but then your comments weren't directly related to NR.  
>Contests are one thing.  Otherwise, I generally leave the radio pretty wide
>open (3+ Khz).  I'd rather put up with a little side chatter and have a
>nicer, rounder, more pleasant signal to listen to --  presuming the guy on
>the other end doesn't sound more like a parrot than a person.
>(I digress) Speaking of parrot screech, Bob Heil actually stated out loud
>that the HC-4 was a "horrible sounding" mic element.  I couldn't agree more,
>even if it does have it's uses.  On the plus side, it has NO low end, so the
>NR issue doesn't exist when listening to one. I just wish guys would turn it
>off when the contest is over ;-)  But I finally found a Heil product I like
>-- the new PR-40 is a GREAT mic.  My RE-20 is probably on its way to the
>block. (End of digression).
>If you're listening to a good signal, with a reasonable bandwidth and some
>low end, and then crank in NR when conditions are the pits, you get that
>muffled bassy sound.  It just hadn't occurred to me to narrow things down
>some and shift the passband a bit to compensate for the NR effects.  I tend
>to be a bit slooow :-)
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