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Try a power supply from PC Power & Cooling, the company that basically
started the "high-end" PC power supply market.  They've been in business for
about 20 years selling what are probably the absolute *BEST* PC power
supplies.  They specialize in high-output, low audible noise power supplies
and also don't skimp on filter or bypass caps either.

I use Silencer 400's in two of my systems.  The 400's both weigh a few
pounds, partially due to component count, and partially due to the huge
heat-sinks on the regulators.  Haven't noticed any hash from either system,
though I don't work 75/80M much as I don't have a 75/80M antenna.  They're a
bit on the expensive side, but not much more than you would pay for a
high-end Antec or Enermax supply.

Visit them at http://www.pcpowercooling.com.  Much like TenTec, they have a
30-day satisfaction policy (full refund minus shipping).


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I just purchased a barebones computer with a 450 watt PS. It renders my 75
meter activities with my Orion useless. I had to put my AGI 300 watt PS in
this computer that proved to be RFI quiet. But, now the poor 300 watt PS
gives up the ghost after 1/2 hour of use. No hits on "AGI" in Google. By the
way, the 300W PS weighs twice as much as the 450W PS! Can anyone direct me
to a RFI friendly ATX computer supply of 450 watts or greater that will
allow me to enjoy 75/80 meters again??? A search on the large online
computer stores makes no mention of RFI quiet supplies.


George W2YJ@ARRL.net 

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