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Re: [TenTec] Orion/Good Weekend!

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion/Good Weekend!
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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 20:43:44 EDT
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I have had mine for about a month now and I agree with you whole  heartedly.  
This is one good radio. I have jumped into ham radio deluxe for  their rig 
control and their slider controls on screen make the initial  adjustments quite 
easy. like the pbt from 100 cycles to 6kc in 1 quick  slide.  It also works 
well with my logger, AC Log 
any how. It is a darn good rig, sensitive on recieve, easy to learn. I also  
have  2 ft-857d's, and ft 847, a swan 350,  a ts-930, a ts 2000, a  ic-746 
pro, and a ic-756 along with the Orion. it works well. I run it through  an als 
600 so no tune on the gap voyager, or the three element steppir.. makes  for a 
sweet setup.
I realize that most folks have some complaint on the Orion but it is really  
a great rig with a hic up here and there, not an earth shattering  proble,..  
My first ten tec and I am Impressed,  good job, keep it  up.
tom N6AJR

I just  wanted to pass along a very positive experience in the middle of the
stream  of problems that are usually discussed here.  Pardon me while I  rave
about this great radio.

I spent many hours operating the Orion  this last weekend and I have come
away very glad I made this  purchase!  I was able to use the radio in many
different conditions  and the adjustments that are available made the
operating a pure joy!   I was able to catch the TenTec nets on both 20 and 40
meters.  On 17  meters I worked all over Europe, nabbed Hawaii (actually they
called me),  nabbed the CY9SS operation on St Pauli Island, and much  much

My setup is pretty modest - an 80 meter dipole at 40 feet  fed with ladder
line, tuner, and an old refurbed SBE SB1LA linear to boost  the power up to
about 400 watts.  Firmware in the Orion is  1.372.

I like the sweep display. I can see how it could be better if it  was a bit
faster, but all in all, a very useful feature.  You can tell  the difference
between CW, (or digital modes) and voice with just a bit of  observation
experience.  It can tell you were the activity is with  just a glance.

I had no glitches, freezes, or burps the entire  weekend.  I "wore out" the
PBT and BW tuning to try different  settings.  The slight offset trick that
was posted here really works  to help the NR work without sounding too
watery.  As with all DSP  NR's, they work best when the band isn't so noisy
(when you don't need it)  but it was interesting to see the slight PBT offset
really help out that  function.

...OK, back to your regularly scheduled  programming!...


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