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Re: [TenTec] Jupiter Ergonomics?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Jupiter Ergonomics?
From: Jerry Volpe <kg6tt@tomorrowsweb.com>
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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 00:27:04 -0700
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Without going into the long story I bought a new Jupiter a little over a 
year ago and traded it off about five months later. Ergonomics.... feel 
was a significant part of my decision. Also I have a lot of man-made 
noise and simply have to have a hardware based noise blanker... an area 
where the Jupiter's DSP noise reduction and noise blanker just didn't 
cut it for me. It was, nevertheless a great rig for PSK, CW, and SSB as 
long as you weren't too serious about DXing in pile ups or contesting. 
Anyway  I got a far superior Omni-VI+ in the trade. There is no 
comparison there. The Jupiter is interesting but not interesting enough 
to compensate for what I didn't like. I also had an RX-350 (basically 
the receiver version of the Jupiter in a look-alike case) for just over 
two years and I finally sold it..... to by a nifty Corsair II station!

I have an Omni-VI+, a Paragon, the Corsair II, two Scouts and a Century 
21. I enjoy these rigs very much even though they are all very different 
from one another.

If the Corsair II you just purchased is in good operating condition and 
you have the optional filters you should grow to like it a lot.... at 
least I have. There is a lot to be said for a PTO equipped rig.... quiet.

As an engineer with years experience in RF (amateur products), analog, 
digital, and computers my Geek side is really rooting for SDR and DSP, 
etc., however my practical side reminds me of the technical limitations 
manufacturer's are still dealing with. I have decided to stay basically 
pre-DSP for now. Yes, I know the Omni-VI+ has DSP but its implementation 
is pretty nice... simple but nice... Nevertheless I use my Paragon, 
Corsair II, and Century 21 more!

I know I will get a bit bashed at this point. These are just my opinions.


Jerry, KG6TT

Oh, and stick with the Corsair II or.... get an Omni-V.9 if you want rig 
control and great performance!

Dale Saukerson wrote:

>Those of you with Jupiter's, how do you find the operating ergonomics?
>Does the lack of dedicated AF/RF (or other controls) continue to bug 
>any of you?
>I look at pics and find it strange to imagine operating a software 
>driven radio. I'm getting back in the game after a 10+ year absence. 
>I'm used to dedicated controls (esp AF/RF) and don't expect to have a 
>menu button or multi control. I had a Corsair and IC-745 back then. I 
>just finalized a purchase on this list for a Corsair II.
>The Corsair II is an interim purchase perhaps till I figure out just 
>what (or how many) rig(s) I want again.

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