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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion panel readibility
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Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 08:07:58 -0400
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It was me... here's the text:

"If you have old eyes like mine, you have trouble finding which hole is for
the headphones after you haven't used that function for a while...
especially with the dim lighting I like to use when operating the computer
and the radio.

I found a simple solution - I used a silver ink indelible marker to
highlight the raised letters for those jacks.  Just make sure the tip is
"wet" and carefully dab, dab, dab, the tops of the letters until they are
fully highlighted.  *You are only "painting" the face of the letters.*

If you make a mistake, you can start over by using isopropal alcohol to wipe
off the ink.  Just be very careful to not to try to hurry through the
dabbing process and you won't need to start over.  Probably not a good idea
to have too much alcohol in the pen operator either... ;-)"

A couple of additional points -

*If you use silver, it will match the trim on the knobs and the Orion
*In my opinion its an improvement. Oh, and its my radio.
*I didn't intend to return it and I would be suprised if that was an item TT
would use to not fix something electronic under warranty.  No more than a
putting a scratch on the case somewhere. (ouch! - I hurt just thinking about
*It is reversable.


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