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From: "bob tadlock" <res0tsxi@verizon.net>
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Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:25:44 -0700
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Hi Crit ,
     Welcome to the forum .   I too just recently  picked up an Omni  C
and love it . I'm sure you will feel the same after you have used yours
for a bit .  They are a very sensitive and quiet rig and the audio is
excellent both receive and transmit .  Yes ,  one of the quirks is the
popping on a strong signal and the secret is to back off the RF gain as
was mentioned .  I've used mine about a month now and that's really the
only thing that I see that's a minor annoyance .  I don't know if you
have optional filters in your rig ... Mine doesn't ... but I've noticed
that in the  .5 XTAL position it acts like a  preamp ,  I believe its
because they put that in to compensate for loss through the  500 hz
filter if installed .   Check yours and see if it's the same .  I assume
that's normal ,  I kind of like it  for weak signal work , and I leave
it in that position most of the time .   I think Ten Tec recommends Caig
Deoxit  contact cleaner  , I found some at  an electronics store and it
works great !  ...Pricey , but it works super . My  ON/OFF push- pull
switch was a bit sticky and a spritz of the Deoxit slicked it right down
and now its very smooth and crisp .  Another little oddity is when you
touch the tuning knob in the center metal part the frequency moves just
a wee bit , hardly noticeable but its there .  Just touch the plastic
part of the knob .. Problem solved .  I've heard you can fix that with
installation of a  metal "brush" or slip contact on the PTO shaft .  I
havnt bothered , but I may try it if I ever have to relube the PTO.
That's another thing that  needs servicing once in a blue moon .  Mine
is very smooth but  I suppose one day I'll open it up and do it  ..
Then again if it isn't broke don't fix it , HI .  That's the only things
I've noticed so far with these rigs ... Oh yeh ...one more thing on  17
meters , search  the archives on 17 meter usage and how it can generate
a spur on that band , only real drawback to this radio .   I'm sure some
of the fellows that have used them for years have other suggestions and
tips too .   As I said ,  I love mine .  My  706IIG and my Kenwood are
gathering dust since I bought this radio ... it's a blast to use . You
made a wise choice with the Omni C .            
     73,    WD6GLA     
      Bob Tadlock 
PS  Dave ...thanks for that tip on that replacement #  IC OP amp .    
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