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Match THAT, Yaewoodcom.

Thanks, Scott, for allowing us 
a peek on the 'inside'.


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  P>erhaps in time a representative of Ten Tec could shed some light on the
   >affect that Al Kahn's passing might have on the future of TenTec,  and more
   >specifically, on the amateur radio related product line,

  Mr. Kahn was the co-founder of Ten-Tec along with current president Jack
  Burchfield, K4JU.  He retired from Ten-Tec about 15 years ago and was
  active on the board of directors for the company continuously after his
  retirement.  The board is involved in the big picture - direction for
  Ten-Tec, who runs it, etc., and Mr. Kahn was certainly involved with
  that and many other aspects of the company even in retirement.

   >I think it would be interesting to know more about the company; how it is
   >organized, and who gives it direction.

  The majority owner is President and co-founder Jack Burchfield, K4JU.

  There are several minority owners, all of whom are current or former Ten-Tec
  employees.  There is an independent board comprised of a few of the
  owners and several other successful business personalities who are
  licensed amateurs but do not have an ownership interest in the company
  itself.  They provide objective perspective and advice to us.

  The day-to-day operations are headed by Jack Burchfield and Ten-Tec VP
  Gary Barbour, AC4DL.  We have a management team of 9 people (myself
  included) under Jack and Gary that oversee various parts of our operation
  to take care of the various day-to-day dealings with customers,
  service, production -- everything.

  2005 is 37 years for us in ham radio - many more to come.

  Scott Robbins W4PA
  Amateur Radio Product Manager

  Ten-Tec, Inc., 1185 Dolly Parton Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37862 USA
     Contact Mon-Fri Eastern: Office/Tech (865) 453-7172 9 am-5 pm.
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     the telephone is a much more efficient tool for getting a quicker and
     more complete answer to your inquiries.  Thanks!

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