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Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now
From: Jerry Volpe <kg6tt@tomorrowsweb.com>
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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 14:02:27 -0700
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I just can't see any viable reason to not try/own an Orion. Especially 
any technical reasons. I don't have one as yet and have little actual 
time using one. But I do think about it.

Unfortunately it is the amount of our personal finances that I am 
willing to spend at this time for an addition to my hobby that stops me 
from buying an Orion, not the un-ending pro and con discourse on this 
reflector. If I didn't own my current fun line of Ten-Tec transceivers 
then I would certainly strongly consider owning an Orion. I could sell 
them and get one, trouble is these darn old Ten-Tec transceivers just 
keep going and going and once I add one I really get sort of attached to it.

Will I ever own an Orion? I bet I will otherwise I should get that nifty 
Orion Photo off my laptop's desktop rather than looking at it each day 
(and smiling.) Thing is I am NOT going to give up what I have to get 
one... a personal choice... instead I'll wait till I can add one. Till 
then I'll content myself to twist knobs,....throw switches, and limit 
much of my 'digital experience' to reading my rigs' frequency displays.

I have been told, on numerous occasions that I can really be a Ten-Tec 
evangelist at times.... even a bit of a pain. Well I suppose that is a 
fair description.
Honestly, I don't believe Ten-Tec equipment 'walks on water',....
I do think they were envisioned, designed, built, and supported by 
people who find the rocks so they know where to step!

Jerry, KG6TT

[Contented current owner of: Century 21, Scout (2), Corsair II, 526, 
Paragon, Omni-VI+, Centaur, 229B Tuner
Happily Prior owner of: PM3, Argonaut 505, Triton IV, Omni-C
Owned but traded off:: Jupiter, RX-350
Eventual owner of : Hercules II, 253 Tuner, Omni-V.9, Delta II, Century 
22, Argosy II, ...... Orion!]

>No Rob. I can assure you that you are not the only person with that opinion.

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