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Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now
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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 18:33:06 EDT
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I think what I am saying is that the orioin has a steep learning curve.  
either you turn it on and use it as is, or start  moving knobs and pushing  
buttons and some times I did not read page 54 of the instructions and oops, its 
getting weird.
so if you want to play with it and use the book as a last resort, then you  
may have to do a reset or two now and then.  I did read the manual, once  and 
got an idea of how it works, and it works pretty darn good.  but like  the 
other nite I was listening to the boys on 3840 and one of them is using a 5  to 
kc wide signal and I opend the band width up to 6 k and he sounded great  and 
the rest of them sounded like they were talking into a coffee can.. but run  
it down to 3300 cycles and they all sounded fine. so as I played with the  
different menus and options.. somewhere I set something wrong and oops, I  
couldn't get it to recieve, but I have learned to go to my last good setup 
which  I 
store in user 1 and push that now instead of master reset, kind of a mini  
the point is , I will play with it to learn its abilities, and sometimes I  
screw it up.  it als has 3 voice memories , 2 at about 5 seconds, and 1 at  
about 28 seconds, the first 2 will save but the 3rd goes away when you power  
down, I use it for a poor mans  voice keyer, ..cq 17 cq 17, this is n6ajr  
calling cq on 17... and it also has 3 cw memories too. the noise reduction is  
different from any you ever used, it doesn't sound like its working at all, 
when a voice or signal comes up, the back round noise disapears.. weird.
so yes, I really like it, but You Will end up with a master reset now and  
then.. no big deal, is like control alt delete on the computer, not good but 
 a big deal.
I have 9 hf rigs 7 of which are pretty darned good,  and seem to use  this 
one the most.  it works pretty good,but I still have things to learn.  I doubt 
if you can ever learn about everything the orion can do, it is that  diverse, 
but is also capable of plug and play, do the reset and go just like it  is.  
in fact they reccommend you do a master reset, then upgrade to the latest  
software version and do another  master reset and now you are ready for the  
radio it has become. It is a software defined radio, a computer with a BFO  
and boy does it work.. 
Like they said before, you have never had a rig like this one.
gud dx and 73
tom N5AJR
(currently  the rigs are  a ts 2000, swan 350, Ic 746pro, ic 756,  ft847, 2 
ft857d's, a ts930, and the orion,   t ic-2kl amps and a als  600 and an alpha 
76 A, so I do have some toys to compare it to.  I have had  other rigs in the 
past ( ts 570, ft 840 etc)and will probably have more in the  future, but the 
orion will probably stay along with several of the others.
Remember "He whod dies with the most toys Wins!!"
I know they say you cna't take it with you but my hearse will be towing a  
In a message dated 6/20/2005 2:58:24 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
nq5t@comcast.net writes:

>  seem to have no problems at all.  It may be that the hardware 
>  has been improving as time has passed and the ones having the 
>  problems are from the earlier production runs.  Maybe some 
>  updating is needed in the earlier versions to bring older 
> models up  to date?

There have been a few minor updates.  My radio was  shipped out of the first
production run in March 2003, and has been trouble  free (firmware updates
aside)  I don't think updating is an  issue.  And I can guarantee it isn't
just my good "luck"  :-)


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