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[TenTec] re" should I buy an Orion now?

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Subject: [TenTec] re" should I buy an Orion now?
From: bob finger <finger@goeaston.net>
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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:28:09 -0400
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rob/k5uj wrote in part:

"I'm pretty low on time and patience.   I want dependability.   I want to be 
able to unbox the rig, power it up, hook an antenna to it, ground, mic, key, 
cans...whatever i need, adjust collector PA current and mic gain, adjust 
AF/RF gain, tune around, hit the PTT button and start making contacts."

You can do just that with Orion and enjoy it, but you will be missing out on 
many of the superb facets of this advanced transceiver.

I have said many times that the Orion is not for everyone.  Buying one now 
means you do not have to go through the learning curve of many firmware 
releases us long time owners have had to endure...and learning new operating 
procedures with many of the releases.  Buying one now means you get the best 
dam receiver available...if you will learn how to use it....and you get 
legendary TT service and support.  Don't buy one and be happy with whatever you 
use, but don't complain when Orion users who have learned the radio hear 
signals you cannot hear and don't get nearly as tired in contests as you 
because they hear signals; not intermod, pops, thumps, splatter et all.  My 
Orion is almost two years old now and I would not go back for anything.  73 bob 
de w9ge

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