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[TenTec] Omni VI Plus has Missing Manual Pages

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI Plus has Missing Manual Pages
From: Maxwell Moon <maxmoon@earthlink.net>
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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 16:10:25 -0500
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I need copies of 3 Omni VI Plus manual pages and hope somebody out there has 
the time & means to scan & send them to me as an e-mail attachment. (If or When 
I receive them, I'll immediately post another message cancelling my request.)

The pages are from Chapter IV (“Circuit Descriptions & Illustrations”) of the 
Omni VI Plus manual. These are the pages that comprise “Paragraph” 4-5. They 
cover the 9 MHz Mixer / IF Board and describe it verbally, include a 
photograph, and also a schematic. I believe the page numbers are 4-11, 4-12, 
and 4-13 (although there could be a fourth page).

I have an Omni VI with the Option 3 upgrade. However, the manual was never 
upgraded to an Omni VI Plus so it still shows the board in question with just 
one narrow filter, not two.

This has become a problem because I’m doing the Inrad roofing filter mods don’t 
know how to set up the jumpers JG1 and JG2. I fell into the trap I now see is 
obvious: in order to remove the 9 MHz filters I had to take out both jumpers. 
Now that I want to replace them, I see that my manual is “out of date” & I 
can’t find even a hint of how the jumpers should be plugged in.

Thanks very much & 73,

Max, k0max
maxmoon at earthlink dot net

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