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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 16:35:59 -0700
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This forum sure has been getting ugly lately , with all the Orion
bashing .  I don't have a dog in this fight as I don't  own an Orion   (
yet )  so I cant really comment on whether they are good , or as bad as
some  seem to think  .  I suppose a few people may have a legitimate
gripe , but I think it boils down to if the radio does a decent job for
you or not in the way you use it .  One thing I found out a long time
ago in running my own business .... you can't please everybody all the
time .   Different people have different ways of seeing things and you
do the best you can .   Some people are NEVER happy with anything so you
just take their bitching with a grain of salt .  As I mentioned on an
earlier post ... I have seen nothing in all these posts that would
prevent me from buying a new Orion .  Maybe I am not as fussy ( although
I am ) , or maybe my demands on a radio as just a ragchewer aren't as
high as a contester .  Since I deal with mechanical and electrical
repairs everyday in my line of work , I have learned that NOTHING is
perfect  ...  EVERYTHING has a few glitches once in a while .  Also ,
everyones expertise in using a piece of equipment is different .  Some
people are savvy and some aren't , and the Orion is a pretty
sophisticated machine so you have to take some time in figuring it out
and how to get it set up right  .  In the meantime , I am very happy
with my old Omni C and I think Ten Tec did  a wonderful job in the
design and building of that particular rig .  When I get some bucks
scraped together ,  I'll add an Orion to my arsenal  .  
    WD6GLA  ,       Bob Tadlock 
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