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Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now
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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:02:37 -0400
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No CATFISHWO, I don't think you offended anyone, at least not me.

This reflector certainly IS for discussing Ten Tec equipment. Part of the
problem is, however, if ANYONE say's any part of Ten Tec gear does not
perform well, that comment is considered 'Ten Tec bashing' and I propose to
you that it certainly is NOT. As one gentleman just stated, no piece of
manufactured equipment is perfect. So why is it such a big deal if someone
relates the problem(s) they have with a piece of Ten Tec gear? Isn't it best
that BOTH the pro and con's are expressed? Folks come on this reflector and
ask for others experiences with certain radios, are we helping those
prospective buyers by saying "I've got an Orion from the original production
run and never had any problem"? In my opinion, NO!

Yes, the Orion is a very good radio BUT it still has firmware issues that
Ten Tec is still trying to correct. In my opinion, once these firmware
issues are corrected, the Orion will be a great radio. Until then, I
personally, continue to enjoy my Omin 6 Plus and Titan 3, without having to
do any master resets daily.



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Subject: Re: [TenTec] re should i buy an orion now

Well, I guess you told me.. by golly,  my point is not the fact  whether it
has a first dit hickup or not  the point I was trying to make is  on a scale
1 to 100  this is a 0 or maybe a 1  but it sounds like a  major fault to
someone who does not know.

 I know I am a relative new Orion owner, but also have 7 other hf rigs
currently , put in 8 years in the military in electronics countermeasures
and actually know which end of the soldering pencil to hold.

Bottom line is the orion is a darn good rig, and the constant bashing on
reflector may be scaring away folks who are thinking about buying one.

And my good old 756 works pretty darn well too, especially with the 2-KL
the AT-500 on the Steppir, but that is set up for a different purpose, part

of a multi place contest station. The Orion is mainly set up for DX and rag

chew, and to play with as a SDR.

My appoligies if I offended you my friend, But there are certainly more
important things in life than this reflector.  If I contiunue to get
for stating my opinion I may just sign off, or I may get on and defend  my
I haven't decided yet.

The purpose of this TEN TEC reflector is to discus TEN TEC equipment in
general, not just to bash Orions, but since I have been on,  that is about
all I
have seen.

So I shall monitor for a bit more and see how it goes, I am so sorry if my
statements are all that incorrect......  tom N6AJR

that's November  six  All Junk Radio..

73 and gud DX

In a message dated 6/22/2005 11:10:08 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
aldermant@alltel.net writes:

Did you  bring CATFISHWO with you?

I don't think you have a clue what you are  saying. I am the 'fellow' who
actually measured the jitter on the Orion. I  have never said it happens on
ANY other radio. My three Omni 6 rigs  certainly do not have it and my Icom
IC-781 does not have it and my Corsair  II does not have it.

CW in the Orion is generated in DSP, in case you  don't recognize that, it
means DIGITAL...so certainly its going to have  jitter as I described due to
timing issues. As I said, it is there but it  is NOT a problem as it can not
be detected on the air. It was  discussed...YOU are the only one making an
issue out of it. If I had to  guess, and I don't, I would most likely come
with the conclusion that  you don't even know how to operate an oscilloscope
to run the test for your  self, so why are you commenting on it?

How dare you compare an Orion to  those rigs...heck they are not even in the
class with the Orion. OF COURSE  the Orion is better than those that you
listed. There is no other amateur  radio in the in the Orion's class, as far
as performance is concerned, for  you to compare the Orion to.

A lot of these folk here that have had  their Orion for a long enough period
of time that they have decided for  themselves whether or not the Orion is
is not the radio for them and  most of them generated their conclusion from
actual on-the-air  performance.



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Subject: Re: [TenTec] re  should i buy an orion now

But there in lies the problem, in the  current configuration, this "marginal

product" is about twicce a good  as most of the rigs from the "big three"

if  you compare it to  stuff like the ft-840 or a ic 720/ 730 or 735 or a ts
930,  then those  come off as junk and the orion is  a cream puff.  Like  I
before, all the noise made on this reflector is about stuff   that is a  1
2 on a scale of 1 to 100.

Like the fellow  stating the unstable leading edge wave of the "first  dit"
on the  orion.  Well later he states this is happening on every  radio
sends CW and the Orion has the least amount of distortion, and   by the way
can only see it on a scope, you can not hear it at  all.

Now this is not a problem, but was treated here as a major fault  in the
orion for about 3 days on the reflector, and actually the Orion has  less of
than any other rig..  but I am sure it turned some  folks off on the  radio.

don't belive everything you see on this  reflector. some of it is opinions
only and you know what they say about  opinions....

tom N6AJR

n a message dated 6/22/2005  9:40:22 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
doon@infoscientific.com  writes:

If,  however,  the industry offers quality products -  and they will, make
no mistake - then we are on the verge of a revolution  in radio
technology.  However, TT has yet, in my opinion, to make the  Orion a
*true* quality product. Imagine what would happen to Amateur sales  if
one of the Big-3 (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood) offered a radio with the  quirks
of Orion? - that company's reputation would be tarnished and all of  the
hard work they put into getting people loyal to their brand may  have
been for naught - and that may well be happening to TT unless v2 of  the
Orion firmware works as promised. A company can only peddle a  marginal
product for so long; consumers aren't stupid, brand loyalty only  goes so
far.  Make no mistake, most of TTs current products are  outstanding.
Take their RX-340 for example - a true world-class HF receiver  (and
SDR). The Orion, well, it still needs work after 2+   years.

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