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Re: [TenTec] should I buy a FT-1000D

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] should I buy a FT-1000D
From: John L Merrill <jmerrill1@adelphia.net>
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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 23:41:32 -0400
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DaveHeller wrote:
> I can't help you much.  I had one experience owning Yaesu - and there'll
> never be a second.  Anyone with a bitch about TT operation - service -
> support - etc should give Yaesu a try.  A sure cure.  And years ago I
> tried a top-of-line megabuck fancy Yaesu just home from authorized major
> tuneup against a beat-up Triton badly in need of a bath and everything
> else.  The Yaesu was far ahead in most departments:  Weight, appearance,
> number of knobs, gadgetry.  The Triton was far ahead only on receive and
> transmit, the inconsequential items?  You might see how the Yaesu works
> at keeping your car from rolling back on a hill.  
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> Lee Crocker <w9oy@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have been thinking about buying a FT-1000D. It is a
> firmware defined radio. To update the firmware you
> have to send it back to Yaesu. It is no longer in
> production, so I guess there won't be any updates
> coming out soon. The transmitter is pretty good, but
> it has a key click problem that Yaesu hasn't been able
> to figure out for 15 years. There is an aftermarket
> fix, but if you implement it, it destroys the QSK of
> the radio. It has a noise blanker that is basically
> on all the time. It was poorly designed and degrades
> the IMD performance of the radio, and to fix that you
> have to go in and rewire the noise blanker control
> circuit. You have to add several components for each
> of these fixes. In order to run a pin diode QSK amp
> with this rig you have to go in and find the correct
> control voltage in the radio. You have to isolate
> this with a breakout box. If you use the stock
> control line you will hot switch the diodes.
> The radio puts out 200W but I always worry that it
> might blow out the grid in my 8877 due to overshoot. 
> A lot of contesters and DXers use this rig. There is
> no real control over the AGC just a couple of
> positions and off. In fact there isn't a lot of
> control over a lot of things. You have to go into a
> little hatch in the top of the rig to set up things
> like vox and keyer and such as that. Makes it hard to
> put stuff on top of the radio. It would be nice of
> you could change this stuff in a menu. 
> The receiver is pretty good, though it has no DSP and
> the notch is manual. If you want auto notch you have
> to spend a couple hundred extra for something after
> market, and then the notch is no longer in the AGC
> line. There is no DSP. It needs a boatload of
> filters to make the receiver better, and they tend to
> ring. The tuning rate is lousy it makes the radio
> hard to tune. Maybe they will fix this in a firmware
> release, but then to upgrade the firmware you have to
> send the radio back to Yaesu and pay for that. There
> was an after market fix for this but you had to
> completely dismantle the radio to install it. The
> receiver is decidedly noisy compared to let's say a
> ten tec Paragon or a Pegasus or an Orion. It has
> receiver characteristics in the upper third of the
> pack but it is not top dog by any stretch of the
> imagination. There was a pin diode upgrade you could
> get by sending the radio back to Yaesu. It really
> didn't do anything for performance but it did lighten
> your wallet. Did I mention this is a $4000 radio? 
> Computer control is optional for another $100 but the
> control is minimal, certainly nothing like the Orion. 
> It doesn't have a screen either, B&W or Color, but it
> does have a nice florescent display, even though
> that's 30 year old technology.
> I just want a radio I can plug a mic into and an
> antenna and a ground and talk for my $4000 dollars. 
> Even though this radio has been out for 15 years it
> still seems kind of experimental since you have to
> make all these modifications to make it work
> correctly. There have been some upgrades to the
> series and every couple of years you can spend a few
> more thousand for a different box, but they have many
> of the same problems. It's all so friggin'
> experimental, but then there are a lot of them sold
> and a lot of contests have been won with this radio. 
> I understand there is an 11,000 dollar version of this
> radio around the corner, it apparently has a lot of
> problems, maybe I'll wait for that, or maybe I'll wait
> for the new firmware upgrade for that. Do I have to
> send it back to Yaesu for the update? 
> I never had these problems with my old Icom 735 but
> the receiver in that radio was a disaster, and my old
> friend the Puke of Paducah W4MPE when I talked to him
> down on 3895 in the old days, used to tell me that
> Icom radio was a "Tank Radio" which made me feel bad. 
> He always used that Ten Tec stuff.
> So what do I do?
> (Call a Psychiatrist ASAP)
>  Do I wait for a new ROM to be
> released.... or do I wait for them to fix all the
> bugs... or do I plunk down my $4000 for this out of
> date radio? Do I wait for the $11,000 disaster? I
> dunno it sure has a lot of buttons... and the screen
> is in Technicolor... and it puts out 400W... wonder
> if that would bother my 8877.... Maybe I'll ask a
> few guys on the reflector who don't own one of these
> radios what they think... 
> 73 W9OY
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For those of us who don't give a crap about cw, the 1000D is the best 

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