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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 09:33:24 -0800
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Actually your answer is also incorrect, Randy.
(but correct for the tuner I showed the link to)

The tuner I showed the link to is a different one than the one I was
referring to.  My mistake.

Linear AMP UK makes (or made) a tuner called "LA-STWM", based on the Z-match
design (also described in Cebik's article on link coupled tuners.

Quote from the brochure:

"This is an exciting new design which is made in the UK by Linear Amp UK.
The LA-STWM is a true balanced, inductively coupled ATU covering the full HF
spectrum from 160m to 10m."

"Inductively coupled" is another name for link coupled.

The brochure says "There are two sets of terminals on the rear of the unit,
one covering 10m to 20m and the other 30m to 160m."  This is EXACTLY how the
Z-match works.

Finally, I've seen the box at the Friedrechshafen Ham Fest.  The Linear AMP
UK booth was located about 20 feet away from our booth (Ten-Tec booth).

However the big question is, have they discontinued that box and replaced it
with the one you looked at.  I hope not.

I've sent an email to them asking for clarity.


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Rick, I'm sorry to say that unit is not a link coupled
tuner.  It is a tuner, like most, with a 4:1 Balun on
the output of the tuner, so it can be marketed as a
balanced line tuner.  If your interested in building a
true link coupled tuner, there is a great deal of info
on this page.   http://www.cebik.com/link/link.html . 
Also a neat echnique to make your own inductors, for
any power rationg you might want. The second link is a
parts source with the Caldwell Condensers.  Caldwell
bought out the old E.F. Johnson and Hammarlund
Capacitor plants.  So the parts are available new if
you absolutely can't find one at a flea mart. 
http://www.cardwellcondenser.com  I've bought four of
these variables, in like new condition for a total of
120 dollars.  Just snap them up whenever you see them
on the want adds.  Also, the Cebik article on balance
tuner designs gives the circuits and construction
plans for Link-coupled tuners. 

--- NJ0IP <Rick@DJ0IP.de> wrote:

> While we are on the subject of link-coupled feeding
> of openwire, you might
> want to take a look at a commercial unit available
> in England (they have UPS
> in England too).
> Go to:
> http://www.linamp.co.uk/    
> AND click on "Supertuner" in the menu on the left.
> 73
> Rick
> PS: There is a German company that sells the
> components to build a tuner
> based on this Z-match concept, if anyone is
> interested.
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