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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Loop/open wire/AH3
From: "Gary Hoffman" <ghoffman@spacetech.com>
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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 18:24:53 -0500
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Right you are !

In addition to my beam, which I love dearly, I also have a 160m full wave
loop.  It's only between 25 to 40 ft above the ground at various points
along its length.  I have never worked dx with it on 160, but I sure have on
80, 40, and on up.  Also not well known is the fact that a loop is a very
quiet antenna.  I sometimes use it just because the QRN is so loud.  If I
could only have one antenna, and if I also wanted to work all the bands,
that is the antenna I would have.

Of course the 7 element beam, up on the tower, fed with LMR-400 outperforms
it on 20/15/10, but then, it's supposed to !

73 de Gary, AA2IZ

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> Not well understood is the one wave horizontal loop is only a cloud burner
> on its lowest (1l) band when put at a modest elevation.
> We regularly use 20 foot high horizontal loops that are several
> on the bands of interest to get gain and a combination of low angle and
> higher angle for all around Field Day propagation.
> 73
> Stuart
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