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From: "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ" <k5uj@hotmail.com>
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Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 03:00:38 +0000
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I tried to find the bare copper 450 ohm open wire feed with the ceramic or 
white plastic spacers a couple of years ago, and after contacting 3 or 4 
vendors who all had the plastic window line only, was finally told by 
someone that you can't get the bare copper feed anymore because in our world 
of lawsuits, it was considered too dangerous for anyone to use.

The only source i know of (besides making it yourself) for the genuine open 
wire feed (i.e. not window line)  is W7FG as someone else mentioned.   This 
what I use, and I have had no problems with it, but I can't compare it to 
window line because i have never used the 450 ohm window line.   For all I 
know, it may be just as good more or less (or better?).

I use pvc pipes stuck in the ground and topped with T sections to hold my 
line up over the ground.  It enters my basement at a small casement window 
that's 1.5 x 2.5 feet and divided into 3 panes.  I bashed out the middle 
pane and replaced it with plexiglass that I drilled two holes in 3" apart.  
I put banana jacks in these and terminated the line outside with plugs.   
this makes a quick disconnect for thunderstorms.    on the inside I soldered 
another foot or two of line to the jacks and put my transmatch on a shelf in 
front of the window.  coax from there to the rig.     i was lucky to have a 
ready made window--it almost looks like it was put there for the feedline.   
As bob said, it's worth it to bring the line in some way, even if you have 
to hire someone to saw a square out and put in a window.

I have a question about the cloud burner loops.    If you have a low loop 
that's only 20' off the ground but make it 2 or 3 lambda on 80 m. it seems 
to me it will still be a cloud burner on that band.  Is this right or will 
the length give you some lower angles?


rob / k5uj

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