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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 21:35:33 -0800
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Mike, I know you asked Greg, but I will butt in.
I ran openwire at the previous QTH but it was too short for this QTH and I
was too lazy to build another, longer one.  I switched to ladderline.

Subjectively I see and feel no difference as far as loss (I have about 85'
of ladderline), but the problem with impedance changing with the weather is
a real bummer, especially in contests where I want fast band change and
usually mark my band settings directly onto the matchbox.  The settings
stray all over the place when the ladderline is wet.  This was not the case
with my openwire.


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Greg, what was the difference? Less loss? Enhanced performance? Greater 

Tnx.... K9MI

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