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From: "Grant Youngman" <nq5t@comcast.net>
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 19:11:44 -0700
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> As I continue to research this microphone for use with my 
> Paragon, I've come across the following Studio One article 
> and wanted to share it with the group.

How much research can one do?

The Studio One is a fine mic.  No matter what radio you use, you may find
that some processing, maybe nothing more than simple EQ, is required to make
it sound its best (however you define that) on your radio.  Your "NBC
Nightly News" voice won't sound the same as my "old fart squeaky-scratchy
voice" ... And don't forget that the radio itself is probably the limiting
factor, not the mic you're using --- since most radios are designed for the
"lowest common denominator communications quality bandwidth".  Generally
that means that you'll sound like a KMW-2, which, all deference to my
brethren, sounds generally like crap.

The Studio One is relatively flat.  The radio won't be.  Some EQ may be
required.  IMHO, it's always required.  

Plug it into the mic connector and use it as, you may not be happy.  EQ's
are cheap.  Use one.  Maybe your radio has one.  MAKE it sound good on YOUR
radio.  You MIGHT be able to make a $1.00 RatSchack mic sound good, you CAN
make a Studio One sound good.


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