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Re: [TenTec] Orion II Reviews?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion II Reviews?
From: ron@morell.us
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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 19:46:27 -0800
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Hello Dave,
I like the IC PRO III for many reasons.  One reason is it is less expensive than
the O2.  One reason is it works very well and is fairly intuitive to use. One
reason is it has a nice sweep display and excellent metering display.  One
reason is the good noise reduction circuits.  One reason is good audio reports
and a very decent receiver with good selectivity.  I could go on.

I like the ORION II for many reasons.  One reason being the ability to listen
through stereo to two receivers and manipulate which ears hear what and what
band width and amplitude.  One reason being the service from the manufacture and
the ability to work with knowledgeable people who work there to get answers to
questions and help to find solutions to specific application issues.  One reason
is the solid performance of the version 2.028 software (albeit the AM
transmitter is broke).  One reason is the USER settings.  One reason is the
adjustable AGC and the excellent selectivity of the receivers.  I could
continue, but I'd have to work with the IC 756 to see what it did in regards to
other features I like on the O2.  

If I could only have one or the other, I'd sell the Icom and keep the O2.  Hmmm,
if I could only have two, I'd sell the Icom and keep the Kenwood TS-850S.  The
good news is, I can have a few radios.  :)  I like them all, but I use the ORION
most of the time, and interestingly, the HW-16 sees more duty than the Icom. 
Maybe I'm defective.

Quoting David Hammond <dhhdeh@concentric.net>:

> Hi Everyone,
> Well, I sit here contemplating the purchase of a 
> new radio this Spring and have narrowed my choices 
> down to the Pro III (anticipating no new 
> replacement from ICOM for it) or possibly the 
> Orion II.
> What I find curious is that there continues to be 
> PLENTY of user feedback and commentary on the Pro 
> III on all the standard ham web sites of late even 
> 2 years after its re-incarnation, while the Orion 
> II has had little if any comment of late from 
> users on Eham, Yahoo-Orion and this reflector.
> What gives?  Three reviews total on E-ham and none 
> since late December?  Everyone can't possibly be 
> too busy using it all the time to write some 
> comment     ;-)
> To those of you using the Orion II,  how about 
> some more comment on your impressions of how it 
> plays,  if the software bugs of the original seem 
> under control on the II and the 
> versatility/appearance of the color display or 
> anything else about which you'd like to comment.
> Also curious to me is the lack of updating of the 
> Orion II web page on the TT site to include more 
> detail on screen versions and more photos of the 
> new radio inside and out. References to updates 
> appearing at some point in the future are getting 
> stale. IMO TT needs to pay a bit more attention to 
> presenting its flagship transceiver.
> Feeling better already....
> Best 73 de N1LQ-Dave
> Still using my Omni V.9 after all these years. 
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