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Subject: [TenTec] Century 22
From: Jerry Volpe <kg6tt@arrl.net>
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Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:42:11 -0800
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I have a Century 22 as a part of my Ten-Tec station that I enjoy very
much. It is an interesting transceiver utilizing direct conversion
rather than a superhet design. I suppose many hams are not use to that.
If you are not familiar with direct conversion you hear a signal on both
sides of zero beat. On a positive note that allows you to select which
side-band to listen on so you may be able to reduce interference.
However as the design produces two signals for every one it appears that
you have more to cause interference in the first place.  Basically it is
similar in operation to the more classic Century 21. The Century 22 does
employ a quasi audio-based AGC system that is fairly effective at
reducing the blasting of very strong receive stations.

Known issues:
- Internal keyer (option) does not support iambic operation and many
consider it twitchy .
- Finals: No over-current or SWR roll-back protection so operating into
a poor or non-existent antenna can be trouble. So if you are slow at
tuning an antenna or don't reduce the drive you could most possibly fry
the outputs.
- Audio Output: Very wide range audio design so when you open up the
audio filter a bit the audio circuit seems to pass a bit too much in the
higher frequencies. I suppose a judicious choice in external speaker or
headphones would be useful.
- Dial cord issues as with all the earlier PTO designs. Mine has
stretched so the pointer is pretty useless. I have a new one from
Ten-Tec that I need to install.
- Front-Panel cracks easily at the for corners if someone over tightens
the mounting screws.
- PTO rebuild issues I suppose, although mine is the only one of my
earlier Ten-Tecs that I didn't have to rebuild (yet).
- PRICE Issue: Over-priced! Probably the most over-priced of any older
Ten-Tec (perhaps Argonaut 515 is more). I have seen mint ones go for
$300 to $400 and badly beat up ones go for over $200.

My experience and my opinions. You mileage may very. :)

Jerry, KG6TT
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