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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 21:53:09 -0600
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For the plastic insulated parallel lines, apply Johnson's Wax to the line to 
repel rainwater and lessen any weather effects.

For the window crossing of metal framed windows, either of two approaches 
have been used:  A window insert of insulating material, (wood or plastic) 
and run stand offs or all thread thru to carry the signals.

Or, remove a window pane, (which is easy on metal windows as they are 
typically caulked in and held by snap out plastic molding).  Then, replace 
pane with plastic pane equipped with stand off insulators or bolts to carry 
signal from one parallel line to other line on inside.  Use electric fence 
standoffs to carry the line over to tuner and you are done.  The electric 
fence standoffs in Home Depot were about 5 inches tall and black and the 
fitting on end can trap the window line 450 stuff or you can nylon tie other 
types to the end of the standoff.


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