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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 03:25:47 -0800
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Feeding into the house:

The following is a solution I invented when I was 14 years old.
It worked fine back then when windows typically had only one thin glass.
Now days most windows in colder climates seem to be double-glass windows, so
it won't work.

I was an army brat, living in military quarters, so there was no drilling of
holes in anything.

I raided my mom's kitchen, "borrowed" some aluminum foil and used it to make
two large capacitors.  On each side of the window I placed two 1 sq. ft.
pieces of aluminum foil, side by side, with about 2" of spacing.  Using
screws, I fastened each side of the feedline to one of the two aluminum
plates.  I did this on both sides of the window.  Then I ran the inside
feedline about 3' to my "new" Johnson Viking KW Matchbox.

Worked great.  No noticeable difference to direct feed, except the aluminum
foil kept tearing.  Eventually I found some very thin sheets of bronze and
used them.  Ran that for 4 years until I turned 18 and my dad booted me and
my gear out into the real world!

Just an idea.  Was RF-tested, but never XYL-tested.


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