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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 03:50:26 -0800
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"Cloud Warmer with just 1 wavelength": Well this is also not always true.

I normally do not comment on antennas unless I have built them and tried
them and then I "know".  I will make an exception here and describe an
antenna which I never built, but it looked like a fantastic idea. :::

You can make a 1-wavelength loop, even at a low elevation, be a flat (DX)
radiator and it's quite simple.  All you need is a little bit more feedline.
You feed the antenna in two opposite corners but 180 deg. out of phase.  You
accomplish this with 1/2 rotation on one of the feedlines going to one of
the sides.  The interesting thing is, it doesn't even have to be a full
wavelength to work well.  If I recall correctly, it works even better with
3/4 wavelength which means you can have an 80m DX antenna on a small city
lot (XYL-permitting).

I am trying to recall where I read this.  It was either in one of the very
early antenna compendiums or in CQ Magazine (about 1990). 

The author of the articles was Paul Carr, N4PC, so maybe a search in google
would bring up some info on this.  Or simply contact Paul (address is in
QRZ.com but no email address).

A second source on this is W6TC, George Badger, head of marketing for
Sventlana Tubes.

A third source for this is John S. Belrose, VE2CV,
See http://www.3764.net/qst/2000-2003/80m_horizontal_loop.pdf 
(Actually if you read this, it builds on Paul's work so you don't need to
look up Paul's original stuff.)

So you see Mabel, where there's a will, there's a way!


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