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[TenTec] OT: Antennas and Trees ?

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Subject: [TenTec] OT: Antennas and Trees ?
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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 04:06:54 -0800
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I have a vertical dipole (openwire fed) which works great on all bands but
it is currently located very close to my house, which is blocking line of
site to the west.

This is where all of the juicy multipliers sit during contests.

In that direction, my 80m dipole (openwire fed) out-performs the vertical.  

Towards stateside the vertical dipole is an S-unit or 2 stronger, most of
the time.

(Remember, I am in Germany).


I want to move the vertical farther away from the house, but my yard is full
of pine trees, about 50+ ft. tall.

The ideal location (from the XYL's point of view) is in the middle of the
front yard, but surrounded by trees on 3 sides.

The trees would be about 10 ft. away on each of these sides.

On the open side, it's about 30 ft. to the next tree and it is not such a
big tree (about 30').


How much will these trees degrade the performance of my antenna when

1.      dry?
2.      wet?


I have a larger clearing as a possibility, but this is another 15 or 20
meters farther away from the house and in that position, my XYL can see it


I am grateful for any insight on this.






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