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Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 13:51:27 +0000
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The topic of trees has come up elsewhere (towertalk and a broadcast 
reflector i read) and i can say from reading them that the consensus is that 
trees attenuate RF if they are in the near field.   this is why mw and sw 
broadcasters clear trees off their sites but, it isn't always such a big 
problem that you should abandon the idea of putting your vertical dipole 
amongst them.   I would be more concerned about pine tree contact with the 
high v. end of ur dipole and burning.   Have not experienced this myself 
(and being a chicken i hired a guy to trim a pine tree away from part of my 
loop) and nothing may happen in your case, but if i were you and i ran QRO, 
i'd rest easier if I could position the wire so that it's a few feet from 
any branches and needles, or if that isn't possible, trim anything making 
contact back a few feet.   Some guys say they get around this by using 
insulated wire, but I have also read that the insulation can rub off 

rob / k5uj

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