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Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 22:12:48 +0000
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the only sure fire way to figure out what a mic/rig is doing on-air is to buy or borrow a decent rx (rx bandwidth = to ur tx bandwidth and flat freq. response) put on cans and listen to yourself while you tx into a dummy load. then switch to brief txing on antenna to listen for RF getting into audio. most rig monitors take a feed off of the AF circuits; it's not an accurate representation of the final tx sound. A good check rx is the TS870 but anything you can get, even a cheap swl rx that has a bfo is usually better than an AF monitor. of course it's ridiculous to buy a multi Kbuck rig for this so the next best thing is to get someone to make a mp3 recording and email it to you.

BTW, AM is done partly for the _challenge_. while SSB is in some ways technically more complicated, it has become an off the shelf hook everything together and go mode. Doing AM well is much more difficult and it helps to have no neighbors nearby, hi.

rob / k5uj

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