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Al, W1AEL,  is very correct on this one.  Thus the reason one finds 
commercial Ladder line having a spacing of about 1" and Window line having a 
space of about 1".  As the spacing becomes a larger part of a wavelength, 
i.e. at higher frequencies, radiation can start to be a problem.  The 
homebrew line is usually easier to build if the spacing is 2" to 3" and use 
larger conductors such as #14 or #12.

Bob, K4TAX

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> Catfish wrote: ..."the wider the space the better",
> but I urge a more moderate approach.   Getting the lines more than a few
> electrical degrees apart will allow them to radiate some of the power we
> would like to transmit to the antenna.   Art Collins held his
> engineering staff to a very demanding tolerance of  one electrical
> degree -- about an inch at 30 MHz..   I believe that a 3 to 6 inch
> spacing is reasonable.   I use line supplied by W7FG, spaced at about 4
> inches.  It has held up well in the hills of east Tennessee.  73, Allan
> W1AEL.
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