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Re: [TenTec] Computer Control of OMNI VI Opt.3-Help,Suggestions Please!!

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Computer Control of OMNI VI Opt.3-Help,Suggestions Please!!
From: Larry DiGioia <listacct@longwire.com>
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Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 12:14:45 -0500
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A standard PC modem cable will do the trick.

Arthur Bernstein wrote:

>Hello All,
>Been away from the list for quite some and old Rip Van Winkle here has just 
>awakened. I'm looking to use my venerable OMNI VI Opt.3 with my computer to do 
>logging and rig control. The freeware program by N1MM has been highly 
>recommended to me. Any suggestions or warnings here?
>In addition, I believe a serial cable is needed to interface the OMNI VI to 
>the computer. The OMNI has a female DB-25 and my computer has but just one 
>male DB-9 (luckily not being used.) From the wiring diagram at the rear of the 
>OMNI VI manual there appears 2 serial cable diagrams. One using a DB-25 and 
>DB-9, the other using 2 DB-25s. The wiring seems different. Not being 
>knowledgeable about these cables, I put together some cables to give myself a 
>DB-9 female at one end and a DB-25 Male at the other end. The pinout 
>continuities do not match what's in the manual. Does such a cable exist or do 
>I have to fabricate one? Any suggestions are welcomed. 
>I can use all the help I can get and I feel this will be a steep learning 
>curve for me. Maybe I don't know what I'm getting myself into!
>Again many thanks in advance.
>Art, N2KA
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