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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:25:15 -0600
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Had a package missing here and called and called FEDEX about it. Turned out 
that the driver showed it delivered three days earlier and had a forged (I 
assume it was his handwriting) signature. After the last call, and a discussion 
with the regional manager, the package mysteriously showed up on my front 
porch. It was a Saturday, and my wife and I watched the driver drop the package 
on the front porch and then run back to his personal car and drive away. 

Not too wild about any of them here. 

one watt all the time

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>I gave up on UPS after a frustrating experience trying to 
>get them to make good on their "insurance" on a damaged 
>package.  Before that, I watched several UPS packages 
>criss-crossing the continent before they finally showed up. 
>I really like the UPS guy who delivers our neighborhood but 
>I had to switch.  I am now very happy with both FedEx and 
>73 Chas W3KC
>>I recently switched to DHL. They seem very fast, careful, 
>>and maybe cheaper
>> than the Brown slammers.
>> Lew/ K1NDV
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