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Subject: [TenTec] hearing the ocean
From: "Thomas Tow" <ttow1@charter.net>
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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:50:34 -0600
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Scenario: Just received my Orion back from a major update trip to service.
Upon return I installed new Inrads so it is ready...But:
Just turning it on, all factory defaults, filters on,  it sounds like one of
those ocean noise maker units you put on your nightstand to mask noise so
you can sleep. It is LOUD and I cannot get rid of it. ...Now..this is
sitting next to a  MP MK5, fully modified with new roofing filter mod, all
other mods and Inrads...The MK 5, on the same freq with almost instantaneous
A/B testing (top ten switching matrix) is almost dead quiet, the weak cw
jumps out of the tiny normal bit of noise, ssb is a pleasure.The Orion is
terrible to listen to.  
I now have the DVD from Scott for setup although untried at this moment but
it seems to me that at factory default it should be as quiet as the MK 5 and
I should not have to dig into it to make it quiet.   Any ideas from
anyone...Thanks, Tommy WD4K
PS. The updates done were extensive and filled up half a work order page so
they were VERY thorough. Nice! If anyone wants a list of the available
updates per my older #52 rig to current standard...email me and I will type
out a short summary of what they did. FYI-Cost inc return shipping was
$242.00 not including my trip to the ocean when I turn it on. :)
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