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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 19:57:35 -0000
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Subject: [TenTec] hearing the ocean

> Scenario: Just received my Orion back from a major update trip to service.
> Upon return I installed new Inrads so it is ready...But:
> Just turning it on, all factory defaults, filters on,  it sounds like one
> those ocean noise maker units you put on your nightstand to mask noise so
> you can sleep. It is LOUD and I cannot get rid of it. ...Now..this is
> sitting next to a  MP MK5, fully modified with new roofing filter mod, all
> other mods and Inrads...The MK 5, on the same freq with almost
> A/B testing (top ten switching matrix) is almost dead quiet, the weak cw
> jumps out of the tiny normal bit of noise, ssb is a pleasure.The Orion is
> terrible to listen to.
> I now have the DVD from Scott for setup although untried at this moment
> it seems to me that at factory default it should be as quiet as the MK 5
> I should not have to dig into it to make it quiet.   Any ideas from
> anyone...Thanks, Tommy WD4K
> PS. The updates done were extensive and filled up half a work order page
> they were VERY thorough. Nice! If anyone wants a list of the available
> updates per my older #52 rig to current standard...email me and I will
> out a short summary of what they did. FYI-Cost inc return shipping was
> $242.00 not including my trip to the ocean when I turn it on. :)
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