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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 23:08:57 +0000
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I think the package volume with UPS has gotten to the point that they have 
quit trying to be real careful.  I also had a damage claim with them and I 
had to go through the whole thing with sending it back to the shipper so HE 
could file the claim.   nothing ever came of that.  that really bothers 
me--it boils down to just taking ur chances when you ship with them.  Things 
that are pretty rugged, like a mast section may be okay.  I will never again 
use them for anything fragile like an oscilloscope.   I am amazed at these 
hams who order these $10,000 rigs and they are shipped by UPS and they go 
along with that.  I would drive across the country to get something that 
delicate and expensive.    when I see a box with a big hole punched in it, I 
imagine that at every UPS sorting facility there is a conveyor belt that all 
the packages get funneled on to, so a big hydraulically controlled wheel 
with spikes on it can come down and punch holes in all of them.  either that 
or they pay someone to go around with a pick axe and randomly punch boxes.   
I can't think of a serious explanation.  the package got dropped on a 
wrought iron fence?  go figure.

rob / k5uj

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