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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 9:13:54 -0800
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I have an Argonaut V with the TCXO and aux fan which I could part with. I
have $675 in it. It is immaculate. Comes with original connectors and manual.
 I am not interested in trading for the Corsair. I had one but
couldn't stand the sidetone...!! Great otherwise, of course. Great QSK.

No, 20W isn't QRP but a more reasonable way to run low power and still
get contacts. You will be a full S unit above the QRP gang, but you knew that.
I do have some QRP radios (Elecraft KX1) but only use them for backpack
portable. I got the Argonaut V to chase down a local electrical noise, but since
then the noise has disappeared (thank goodness) and I picked up the KX1 which I
could use to chase it if it returns. 

If you find an Argo V somewhere else, I am sure you will enjoy the little rig. 
is worlds better than the Scout.

73  Allan  K7GT

73  Allan K7GT

---- Kirk Braunius <kbraunius@gmail.com> wrote: 
> I'm thinking of selling/trading my Corsair/power supply/remote VFO.
> I may also part with my 1220 2 meter (with 1222 amp) and my new LDG
> AT200PRO.
> My operating position is shrinking and I need a smaller "footprint", plus
> I'd like to try something different.
> Which would you get?  I am not a QRP guy, but is 20 watts really QRP?
> Anyone have either one for sale or trade?
> Kirk
> KBraunius@gmail.com
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