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Re: [TenTec] Question: OmniV

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Question: OmniV
From: Randy Russe3ll <lord_russell53@yahoo.com>
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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 22:06:26 -0800 (PST)
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Yes Ruben.  In the Omni V there are 2 filter slots for
the 9 mhz, first IF filtering. Everything goes through
one of the filters first. The standard filter slot is
"on" until switched to the optional slot by pushing
the NARROW  button. The the standard 2.4 MHZ (9mhz 1st
IF) and the 1.8 MHZ (9mhz 1st IF)in the optional slot
would work just fine. However, when you run SSB you
would have to leave it on the standard filter.  The 6
MHZ IF has buttons on your panel for four filter slots
including another 1.8 filter. Pushing the NARROW
button on your rig, and pressing the 1.8 button, will
give you the two 1.8's cascaded (in-line).  The
advantage is extra selectivity.  The original signal
passing through your first 1.8, will be narrower with
some of the "bad stuff" not even making it to the
amplification stages farther down the line.  There
might be a small amount of preamping at the first IF
NARROW position to compensate for filter losses, I'm
not sure.  There are two kinds of 1.8's you can
purchase.  One is for the 9 Mhz position (a four or
six pole filter) and the 6MHZ position has an 8 pole. 
They are not interchangeable.  My Omni V has a 2.8 mhz
in the first IF, and a 600 in the first IF NARROW
position. Hopefully, your a CW op as you have one of
the all time great CW rigs there.       

--- rubenbranco@comcast.net wrote:

>  Hi. Just purchased a used Omni V  (my first Ten Tec
> radio). Can I install a 1.8 SSB filter in the
> tunning board and another 1.8 SSB in the 9mz IF
> board at the same time? Do they work together? If
> so, what is the advantage of both together as
> opposed to just one filter?Thanks. 73 de Ruben
> N2MEU.
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