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Re: [TenTec] Question: OmniV

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Question: OmniV
From: rubenbranco@comcast.net
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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 13:05:53 +0000
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Hi. Thanks for the information. This radio is really nice, good audio,but with 
the extra filters in place, would sound a lot better. 73 de Ruben 
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From: Randy Russe3ll <lord_russell53@yahoo.com> 

> Yes Ruben. In the Omni V there are 2 filter slots for 
> the 9 mhz, first IF filtering. Everything goes through 
> one of the filters first. The standard filter slot is 
> "on" until switched to the optional slot by pushing 
> the NARROW button. The the standard 2.4 MHZ (9mhz 1st 
> IF) and the 1.8 MHZ (9mhz 1st IF)in the optional slot 
> would work just fine. However, when you run SSB you 
> would have to leave it on the standard filter. The 6 
> MHZ IF has buttons on your panel for four filter slots 
> including another 1.8 filter. Pushing the NARROW 
> button on your rig, and pressing the 1.8 button, will 
> give you the two 1.8's cascaded (in-line). The 
> advantage is extra selectivity. The original signal 
> passing through your first 1.8, will be narrower with 
> some of the "bad stuff" not even making it to the 
> amplification stages farther down the line. There 
> might be a small amount of preamping at the first IF 
> NARROW position to compensate for filter losses, I'm 
> not sure. There are two kinds of 1.8's you can 
> purchase. One is for the 9 Mhz position (a four or 
> six pole filter) and the 6MHZ position has an 8 pole. 
> They are not interchangeable. My Omni V has a 2.8 mhz 
> in the first IF, and a 600 in the first IF NARROW 
> position. Hopefully, your a CW op as you have one of 
> the all time great CW rigs there. 
> --- rubenbranco@comcast.net wrote: 
> > Hi. Just purchased a used Omni V (my first Ten Tec 
> > radio). Can I install a 1.8 SSB filter in the 
> > tunning board and another 1.8 SSB in the 9mz IF 
> > board at the same time? Do they work together? If 
> > so, what is the advantage of both together as 
> > opposed to just one filter?Thanks. 73 de Ruben 
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