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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:18:11 -0500
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I have received one each of the LED dial lamps mentioned a few days ago.

Unfortunately, the actual lamp does not appear as it is pictured in
the spec sheets, with a diffusor ring around the illuminated area's
midsection.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part ...

As surmised by others, the LED does indeed just 'stick out' from the
end of the lamp assembly, and it's in that direction that most of the
light goes.  The 'ring' turns out to be some kind of opaque white
plastic housing for what probably is a resistor and a FWB.

There's little light output at 90 degrees, on either the diffused or
the clear LED.

Therefore, a modification of the Centurion's socket assemblies
(remounting them to make then normal to the plane of the front panel)
would be needed in order to use these lamps.  I'm not interested in
doing that kind of work at this time.

We now return to our traditional filament lamp illumination program,
already in progress.
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