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[TenTec] Old Timer's shack cleaning

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Subject: [TenTec] Old Timer's shack cleaning
From: Al Gulseth <wb5jnc@gulseth.net>
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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 19:02:36 -0600
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Greetings all,

Due to my 90 year old dad's recent move to assisted living, I am now in the 
process of sorting through and finding homes for some of his "goodies". The 
following items are now available; in accordance with the list protocol I 
will try to limit the list here to Ten-Tec and related items. (Note also that 
some of this list is from my collection due to the influx of dad's stuff....)

The list (not in any particular order, package deals considered):

251 power supply in eggshell/woodgrain color to match 405 amp (and possibly 
Triton I) -- a few noticeable scratches but overall no major dings. Has six 
pin Jones connector for output and includes male Jones connector to 4 pin 
molex adapter cable. Puts out nice even 13V according to my meter. $50 
shipped CONUS.

252MO power supply to match early Omni, nice condition with only minor 
blemishes and fully operational. $50 shipped CONUS.

555 Scout with noise blanker, 80, 40, 20, 15, & 10M modules, mic, manual, 
power cable, and 937 power supply. The Scout has a couple of very minor 
scratches on the top but otherwise is very nice looking, and the power supply 
could almost pass for a new one. As far as I can tell everything works as it 
should on all items. $375 shipped CONUS.

960 power supply, a few minor scratches but otherwise nice, fully operational, 
$125 shipped CONUS.

The following are not Ten-Tec but are related or possibly of interest to 

Timewave DSP-9 with manual in original box. According to the labels on the 
bottom, the S/W is version 3.00 and the H/W is 3.3. Dad bought this new back 
when it was a current production item. He apparently tried it out and for 
whatever reason found it was not what he had expected, so he put it back in 
the box and set it on a shelf in the closet where it stayed until we moved 
him into the assisted living facility. I unboxed it and hooked it up long 
enough to check its operation after I arrived back here at the home QTH. I 
will include cables dad made for use with his Delta 580 if they are of 
interest (some may need resoldering due to dad's age when he made them). 
Condition of the unit is as should be expected given the circumstances. $80 
shipped CONUS.

Early production Heil HM-10-5 microphone (has the PTT switch that sticks out 
instead of the current recessed version). Includes cable for Ten-Tec; has 
some minor "battle scars" but nothing major. $50 shipped CONUS.

Palm Radio "Mini Paddle" in original box with paperwork. $70 shipped CONUS.

TNX for looking. Please feel free to email or phone (479-632-8817) if you want 
further info on any items. Also, there (obviously) may be more "goodies" as I 
get time to sort through the boxes.... Yeah, I know it's a weak excuse but 
some of us do have this other item called "work" that has been known to cut 
into the ham radio time slot ;-)

73, Al

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