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Re: [TenTec] V2.0 for the original Orion

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] V2.0 for the original Orion
From: "Ron Castro" <ronc@sonic.net>
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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 21:26:45 -0800
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Mark: Have you ever checked the original Orion's frequency response?  I 
checked the O2 and it's pretty good, although not quite what the specs 
implied.  I found that the response at 50 Hz with the TX EQ set flat and 
L.F. Rolloff at 50 Hz is off 15 dB instead of the 6 dB claimed.  It was -7 
dB at 100 Hz and -3 dB at 200 Hz.  Pretty flat up to where the TX Filter BW 
is set.  All in all, that's not bad response, but I was not able to flatten 
it out with the W2IHY system.  It's still better than just about anything 
"out of the box" except for the TS-870.

Frequency response on AM is nothing short of amazing: +-1 dB down to 20 Hz! 
I checked into the AMI net the other night and net control commented that I 
sounded as good as any of the guys running the big plate-modulated broadcast 

Ron Castro
Chief Technical Officer
Results Radio, LLC

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Subject: [TenTec] V2.0 for the original Orion

> Update so far.
> Loaded the beta code on the original Orion. Did a master reset. 
> Immediately,
> the display is much dimmer and the contrast must be set to about 42. The
> sweep display works great. Mine had the hardware mod already since I 
> bought
> mine recently. The monitor function works better too; do not have to turn
> the af gain up when listening to my audio; matches the receive level now.
> However, the transmit audio has changed. I just recently bought the w2ihy
> boxes and had my equalization and mic gain on th Orion set to match.
> However, the mic gain must now be reduced to almost 20 with the Studio One
> (which might be good) and the TX equalization is off. Not sure what the EQ
> settings must be set to now. I used to run it at -6 db with the w2ihy
> equipment, but will have to find the sweet spot now. I think I will need 
> to
> re-adjust the w2ihy equipment equalization to get my audio back in line. I
> actually loaded the old software back since I did not have time to play 
> with
> the transmit audio tonight; will try again later. If anyone else figures 
> it
> out, using the Studio One, please post.
> Thanks,
> Mark KA4ICK
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